Routing IP range through OpenVPN tunnel

  • Heyo!

    I want to route specific public IP ranges through a OpenVPN tunnel.

    My current Setup:

    OpenVPN Client <-> OpenVPN Server (PfSense) <-> OpenVPN Client
    All OpenVPN Clients can see each other.

    I want to do this ( as example):
    OpenVPN Client –-requests> OpenVPN Server (PfSense) ---redirects to-----> OpenVPN Client --- pushes to WAN---> Internet

    My OpenVPN server pushes this:

    push "route";
    push "route";

    When I access from, the connection to WAN is on the PfSense server. How can I achieve that the packets will leave on

    Thanks! :)

  • You may route this on pfSense to the client, but this route will be applied to any connection passing pfSense, also upstream from LAN hosts.

    In addition if isn't a router itself with a public WAN address you either will need a route for at the other side or do source NAT at the client for this connection.

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