CIDR block setup

  • I'm setting up pfSense as my primary firewall for a cable internet connection.  I have a block of 16 static IP's so the cable company has assigned me my own CIDR block, which includes my public IP subnet and a separate interface IP/gateway.  All of my servers reside on a private network and will be NAT'ed (1-1 mapping).  Is it possible to use one pfSense server to handle both the interface IP route and the public/private NAT's?  In this case, the public IP's are virtual and don't actually exist on any physical interfaces, since the WAN interface will be the interface IP and the LAN interface will be the private network.  I'm trying to avoid another router just to route between the interface IP and my public subnet.  I hope this makes sense.

    Also, to throw in another curve - I have a third interface that will be redundantly connected to my existing connection (T1) to provide a seamless transition while I switch between the two providers.  Let me know if this complicates anything with the CIDR configuration.


  • This should work.

    Search the forum for VIP (virtual IP)

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