Unable to ping internal devices via hostnames

  • Hi Guys,

    I have pfsense setup within an esxi 6.5 environment, and it was working perfectly fine with no problem at all. Genuinely, an excellent platform for a small enterprise level environment.

    As the business was growing, we needed to introduce AD in the office , and I had to pass on DNS, DHCP and ofcourse AD to this Windows 2012 R2 instance. But unfortunately, since I have made this change. I am unable to resolve internal addresses via the hostname.

    I am clueless what should I do to have it working. Do I need to dig more into Windows side or is it pfsense or is it both.

    Apologies, I am not a pro at networking.

    Ping to local addresses work.
    Internet and outbound traffic is normal as expected.
    I can translate windows host via hostname but cant do it for any other device in the environment.

    esxi ip:
    pfsense ip:
    windows ip:

    looking at ifconfig of a random hosts I get this:

    ip address :  (range defined as -
    subnet mask;

    Any help be appreciated.

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