Load Balancing and NAT

  • After the configuration of Gateway Groups how to configure NAT ?

    I have two WAN connections and one LAN connection under NAT.

    I have configured gateways groups for load balancing but pfsense 1.3 ALPHA ALPHA use only the WAN interface and not the WAN2(OPT1) interface.

    Hot to configure it ?  ???

  • Essentially, it's as follows:

    • Create manual outbound NAT rules from each private network to each public network, respectively

    • Add load balancer pools for each multi-WAN variation you want. In my case, I have one where both are round-robin, another where WAN1 fails to WAN2, and a 3rd where WAN2 fails to WAN1

    • Add outbound firewall rules for your local segment(s), choosing the appropriate gateway to be sent out (e.g. Round Robin, WAN1->WAN2, or WAN2->WAN1).

    If that's not quite specific enough, have a look at the multi-WAN wiki entry: http://doc.pfsense.org/index.php/MultiWanVersion1.2

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