Not getting WAN IP after cold boot

  • Every time I lose power it is a struggle to get my home network going again. My pfsense system BIOS is set to remain off after a/c power loss because auto on was worthless because my modem usually wasn't ready. Even now when I manually turn everything back on I have to try about 15 times to get my router to get a Wan address from the modem.

    I've tried every permutation. Modem first, wait 60 seconds until it's booted, then pfsense.
    Modem and pfsense simultaneously. Turn the modem on, wait 10 minutes then turn on pfsense router. Is there a setting in software I'm unaware of that is preventing my router from acquiring a Wan IP from the modem?

    My modem is an Arris sb6141.

  • You shouldn't have to try that hard.  I would try a new NIC.

  • how is the modem configured? and how is the pfsense configured?
    have you tried to have a computer directly connected after the modem and see if it gets ip?

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