Default gateway by source?

  • I have this situation. 3 NIC, one i wan, second is lan, and third is wireless. Some clients need to go to internet through wan which is pppoe, but some needs to go to the internet through wireless nic which cannot be nattet because clients from lan need to go to wireless subnet and clients from wireless needs to go to lan subnet. I suposse I can do port forward, but i need all port and all protocols. I wonder if I can have different default gateways for different source ip. Until now we used slackware and there was possible to make that, but we need one other machine with ipcop to make pppoe connection. Now we tought pfsense can make it al by itself. Is it possible and how can I do that? Sori for bad english, I hope you understand what I want…

  • Routing is done via firewall rules (policy routing).  So I don't see why not.  Check out the multi WAN tutorial and how-to's on the website.

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