DHCP clients no internet after upgrade 2.4

  • Hello,

    I'm trying to reinstall my pfsense VM box as the i386 arch is no longer supported.

    While in 2.3.4 I took a backup and then installed 2.4 on a clean VM and imported the the config. However, I'm seeing all my DHCP clients with issues accessing the internet. Despite receiving an IP and correct DNS setting ( - pfsense box which is pingable) they cannot access the net. What's weird is my statically assigned clients are fine and can access the internet. DNS Resolver is enabled and DNS Servers are set to OpenDNS in the System->General Setup.

    My setup is something like this:

    pfSense VM:

    • VM with two NICs
    • has active DHCP server

    wireless router:

    • has inactive DHCP server
    • has internal (LAN) address in same subnet as pfSense firewall


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