How to setup NAT with static IP-Adresses and NAT outbound for local network?

  • Hello everybody

    I am perplexed and unfortunately I do not reach my goal.

    My provider gave me the WAN IP-Adresses
    These IP addresses are used directly by individual servers. There is no translation from, for example, to The servers directly stored the respective IP address with gateway

    My current configuration of the interfaces:

    | eth0 | WAN | auto | DHCP IPv4 |
    | eth1 | LAN | static | |
    | eth2 | OPT1 | static | |

    How should I set this up with PFSense? Do I need to use NAT 1: 1?
    But how can I then define a certain WAN IP address for the outgoing traffic of 192.168.1.x?

    thank you very much

  • i have now setup each servers interface with the wan-ip

    example Server1:

    I have configured a 1:1 NAT external IP to internal IP
    this works. Is this not the same like FULL NAT?

    when a computer from the local network is going in the internet, the WAN-IP-Address should be always how do I have to do this?

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