How should /etc/resolv.conf look like

  • Shoudn't the routers IP number be the first line insde the file /etc/resolv.conf :
    nameserver  <– router IP number
    nameserver  <-- DNS server from ISP

    As we know, pfsense has a option inside DNS forwarder called "Register DHCP leases in DNS forwarder"

    however, If you activated this, other computer can resolve the IP number for DHCP hosts, but the router itself can not do that.
    But if we put the routers IP number inside /etc/resolv.conf, then the router can track the hosts.

  • Our resolv.conf works as it should.  If you are having trouble with something its most likely not related to this…

  • Scott,

    If I don't have the routers IP as nameserver inside resolv.conf, can pfsense itself resolve all host names known to the router from dhcp (dynamic and static) ?

  • No.  It needs upstream routers to resolve from which is obtained either via DHCP or by setting the primary and secondary name servers in system -> general settings.

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