Alias Limit in 2.0

  • What is the limit for an alias in 2.0 ? I have to receive my list of MAN addresses from my ISP. They've told me that the list contains about 4000 network addresses.

  • There should be no limits now.  Please let us know if it works for you.

  • I'm afraid there is a limit. I've created an alias importing from a text file and only first 300 entries were memorized.

  • Yeah there is a limit i will upgrade it tomorrow to 4000 i think there's enough.
    Its a hardcoded javascript limit actually.

  • Import was K but editing the alias makes my box crash. Also using a rule with that alias of 2500 network addresses gives an "string to long" error.

  • May I ask what is this MAN addresses are for?

  • MAN are for metropolitan area.  MAN = 50 Mbps and Internet=10 Mbps so I need them into my shaper to separate traffic with different speeds. All traffic with dest MAN can have 50 Mbps than everything else is shaped with HFSQ (dns, http, p2p etc).

    For now I'm running this by using 9 aliases wich is pretty messy :D

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