Couple of Questions (Multiple Ethernet NICs, embedded hardware)

  • I did a search for these questions and maybe the answers are far more simple than I'm making it. I'm wanting to build a wireless/wired NAT router (think Linksys, Dlink) using pfSense and mini-ITX or whatever small hardware I use to run pfSense. The question I have is all I have found is single PCI slot boards so that means I have a firewall but no wireless, or everything has to be wireless which I'd like to avoid (keep the laptops wireless but I've already hardwired the desktops). How does one achieve that goal.

    I was also wondering if pfSense can be installed onto existing firewall/NAT router hardware, for example a DLINK DIR-330 and how one goes about it?

    And Lastly! If I decide to build a little cute firewall of death and was looking to do it on a budget (on the cheap, no specific number in mind), any hardware ideas? The throughput I'm looking for is around 20mbps (of course expandability would be outstanding)

    Once again if these questions have been asked sorry about that but I've looked for these answers for 2 days and figured a post might solve all my problems in life!!  ;D

  • look at the alix boards.
    pfsense is x86 platform, so you wont be able to install it on dlink or linksys.

  • There is more information on the Alix boards at There are variants with 2 or 3 NICs on board and 1 or more mini PCI slots and wireless mini-PCI adapters.

    If you have a VLAN capable switch you could get by with 1 NIC running multiple VLANs. In the last few months there have been a few posts on VLANs with suggestions for economical VLAN capable switches.

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