Multiple IPs on WAN NIC load balancing to different Virtual Server IPs->Pools

  • Hi,

    I have a setup and routing question.  I have a few IPs from my ISP, and I want each to go to different pools of load balanced web servers.  I want, for example, WAN IP x.x.x.39 to load balance to, which is a "virutal server IP", which points to a real web server pool of,.51,.52, etc.  I then want WAN IP x.x.x.40 to point to, another "virtual server IP" which in turn points to ANOTHER pool of real servers,.61,.62, etc.

    It is really confusing attempting this.  I see that ps sense only allows one IP per NIC, unless you alias one at the command line or startup. Once aliased, can you then use them to point to virtual server IPs?  Do I need to set up NAT rules first?  Can I accomplish this with Virtual IPs? If so, I guess I do not understand the Proxy ARP settings.

    Does anyone understand what I am trying to accomplish?  Multiple external IPs bound to the WAN NIC that load balance to seperate Virtual server IPs that go to serveral server pools?  I really need a diagram and walkthrough of the setup.


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