DNS Interface Settings using VPN

  • I'm wanting some feedback regarding my setup of DNS.  I'm a Noob and recently setup pfsesnse to route through my VPN provider.  I have that connection running, but could not get to Bank of America through the VPN.  I created a firewall alias and rule that would allow that traffic to go out my WAN Gateway.  I could not get this to work until last night when I went into DNS Resolver Settings.

    I set my DNS resolver settings for "Network Interfaces" and "Outgoing Network Interfaces" both to WAN, Opt1, Opt2, and Opt3 instead of "All".  This now works as I'm excluding all the IPV6, Local Host, and VPN Interfaces.  The BofA site pulls up fine now on all my devices.

    I have a couple of questions.  When using my VPN is the DNS traffic going through my VPN aside from the BofA site which is using my ISP Gateway?  If not, is there a way I can have all my DNS requests go through the VPN aside from the sites that I select to go out my ISP Gateway?

    My DNS settings in System, General Settings is using and  I am not using DNS Server Override and I disabled the DNS Forwarder option.

    Should I be using the local host?

    This is all new to me and I'm learning as I go.  Thanks for any assistance and explanations.

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