PfSense with Cisco RV Router?

  • I have a fairly new Cisco RV router that cost a decent amount. Can I configure pfSense to not perform routing and still use it other than just a switch?

    Modem > pfSense Netgate SG-1000 > Cisco RV Router > LAN

    I would also still like to use the Content Blocking and access rules in the Cisco RV along with DHCP. Essentially I just want to pfSense be a firewall.

    Could I just turn off routing in pfSense, connect the LAN on Netgate to WAN on Cisco RV and then have Cisco operate as it currently does? I guess it would be a little redundant for multiple firewalls and content filtering but I read that pfSense is the best firewall.

  • Not opposed to using pfSense and just having Cisco basically act as a switch, but if possible I'd like to utilize it as a router since I bought it and also use the content filtering. Extra layer with the redundant firewalls and filtering.

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