Gateway monitoring after connection has been throttled

  • Hi All,
    I have load balancing and it works great except for when a connection gets throttled by the ISP for going over bandwidth. Because the connection remains up with good latency but bandwidth limited the gateway stays up until someone tries to do something on it. The latency then spikes and the gateway gets set as down.

    Essentially I end up with  a Yo-Yoing of the gateway which makes the internet unusable (it is the highest order gateway). What would be the best gateway settings to prevent this, should I increase the ICMP packet size? Also is there a time delay that can be put on a gateway, so if it gets set down it stays down for a time period to prevent yo-yoing?

    I also noticed that when this is happening it dramatically slows down the web interface and causes ssh drops (even on the alternate connection which isn't being set to gateway down).