DHCPv6 Static Mappings doesn't add hostname to DNS

  • New install of pfSense.

    I am having trouble getting my ipv6 hosts names into the DNS. I have enabled the DHCPvv6 server on each interfaces and the hosts are getting an ipv6 and everything is working as far as connecting to the internet, etc.

    But I can't figure out to get the hostnames in the DNS to show the AAAA records for them. I tried adding a DHCPv6 Static Mapping, using a DUID, IPv6 address, and hostname. I can see that the host gets the static lease, but the hostname is not added to DNS AAAA.

    My prior ipv6 router, if the DHCPv6 server (dnsmasq based) was enabled, then the Windows machines got added to the DNS automatically and those machines that didn't I could add a static mapping and then it would too.

    pfSense doesn't seem to work this way. Is there a different way I should be doing this? My experience base is dnsmasq so I may be going about it wrong for pfSense.

    I attached the bottom of the Services / DHCPv6 Server & RA  / LAN / DHCPv6 Server tab.

  • How did you get the duid?

  • In this case it is a windows machine, so in command window,  ipconfig /all and it is the DHCPv6 Client DUID (replace - with : if you want to paste it in)

    or on pfsense, which is what I did, go to Status / DHCPv6 Leases and click the + under Actions, on the item to add it. One of the Colums is DUID.

  • The static mapping finally did show up in the dns after about 2 hours.

    Now, is there a way for the hosts themselves to register their names in the dns when they get a lease from the DHCP server?

    I know that in dnsmasq it will work at least for windows clients and a few others that register their names.

  • I do have static mappings in IPv6 but where do i specify that these hostnames should be added to the DNS? My DNS server in DNS Resolver/Unbound.

  • When you add the static mapping in the DHCP server, it should also add the entry in DNS. It works better in the ipv4 side than the ipv6 side, which is what I am trying to figure out.

  • What I figured out, is that after adding a static ipv6 entry, until you restart the unbound service, it will not show in DNS Lookup. You can verify that the client got the lease, but no sign of it in DNS.

    So after adding entries, then I restarted unbound, then DNS lookup works. Seems to me like you shouldn't have to do that, but that is only thing that I could find that works.