Image to reinstall netgate from factory

  • Hello!

    I use netgate 3100 in my office since this morning tht it just start and restart over and over.
    I want to reset it from the factory. I need this image to do so:


  • The 1st step here tells you how you can obtain that image and also how you can obtain it if you don't have customer portal access:

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    If its clean out of the box, I don't see why it should have to be reinstalled.. Did you install a lot of packages? Did it have power issues? Where you think it might be a corrupt image?

    Is it in a high temp area?

  • @johnpoz
    I have customer portal access, and can't download from you site, as there is no download information there at all. Is a download only available with a subscription?

    The update to 2.4.3p1 was associated with lots of problems for me, and I attempted to use the development fork, which has made things worse. I can't go back via the GUI, and would like to try a reinstall and restore an earlier configuration.

    What do I need to do to download it for my Netgate Hardware?



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    log into your portal.. If your not seeing the download then contact support.

    See the link gfeiner posted. You do not need a subscription, notice I only have gold and that was when it was free for year with purchase of appliance.. I take it your 3100 is less than year old ;) See the download images for my sg4860


    If you need the image and can not find - just contact support and they will point you in the right direction.

  • @johnpoz
    Thanks, they were able to help me out. Useful to know how to get these images outside of initial warranty period.


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