Best address to use for Gateway monitoring

  • Do ISPs have addresses they suggest for gateway monitoring?

    Sometimes the gateway itself doesn't respond to pings consistently even though the connection itself is ok.

    I've used and, but that seems like a hack to me.

    ISP tech support usually doesn't have a clue what I am talking about.

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    @coreybrett said in Best address to use for Gateway monitoring:

    ISP tech support usually doesn't have a clue what I am talking about.

    And that is surprising to you why? Doesn't matter what the question is - if its not on their script they will not have a clue..

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    The real answer is "it depends."

    It depends on how far out you want to monitor and how reliably that host responds to your pings in your situation. I am currently monitoring the ISP gateway on Cable and on DSL.

    Keep in mind that the gateway monitor sets up a host route out that interface so monitoring an address you are not using for something else (like DNS) might lead to less head-scratching in other areas. In my example I don't use for DNS. I am using Quad9.

  • Is it possible to monitor more than a single address? In-case that address goes down, not the connection to it.

  • You only have the option of one address per monitor..

    I just wrote a small post on this very issue, if you can help it, avoid google, I was getting high latency marking my WANS as being down. Use your own ISP if you can, if like mine they are slow, try opendns as a monitor.

  • would be great if ISPs had nodes dedicated to this purpose, not sure how a practice like that would be encouraged from customers though

  • I was using the gateway for awhile, but felt it was giving me poor results, so I switched to, but started getting some issues with that, now I'm on, so far so good

    the only reason I care is because it was causing my gateway group to flap, which kept reconnecting my VPN tunnels over the cellular backup

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