Issue with Basic LAN and WAN setup with XG-7100-1U router

  • Here is What I did:

    ETH1 - WAN - IP - - GW-
    ETH2 - LAN - IP -

    When I change default configuration with IP above, I am NOT able to ping/access to LAN/WAN.

    But when I do pfctl -d from console then I can ping both IPs.

    Is there any difference in configuring this model?

    Can anyone help configuring basic LAN and WAN setup in XG-7100 firewall just for ETH1(WAN) and ETH2(LAN) with above IPs?

    NOTE: We are not using SFP port. I just need this WAN and LAN setup in ETH - RJ-45.

    Thank you!!

  • Netgate

    Where are you pinging from? You realize you have to renumber the device you are pinging from to the new network scheme after you change that right?

    Nothing special about the XG-7100 in this regard.

    Edit the WAN interface. Renumber it
    Edit the LAN interface. Renumber it
    After you save, you will get a warning about the DHCP scope. Services > DHCP Server, LAN. Change the DHCP to the new numbering scheme.
    Go back to Interfaces > LAN and apply.
    Renumber your management device to the new scheme and connect to

    About the only way that would not work is if you have altered the firewall rules on LAN to allow traffic from a specific network instead of LAN net. The rules on LAN must pass traffic from (netmask assumed as it was not specified.) Source LAN net will track the changes to the interface numbering and change accordingly.

  • Netgate

    For a basic configuration change like that you can always just run through the setup wizard again, too. Then renumber your management workstation to the new LAN scheme and reconnect to the new webgui address on LAN.

    System > Setup Wizard