DynDNS with Custom Server

  • Hi … I'm not shure if this is the right group to post this topic in ...

    Today i recognized that my WebSpaceHoster (Strato in Germany) has his own DynDNS Server. If i could use this service, i would hav the possibility to register names like mysubdomain.mydomain.de instead of mydomain.dyndns.org.

    The use the DynDNS V2 Protocoll but of course they hav another server. But my problem is, that i can only choose between some hardcoded DynDNS providers. Cause there is no field for an alternative custum server, i can't get it work with my WebSpaceHoster ...

    Does anybody know if there is may be a little easy hack to modify this?

  • EmL,
    I have a similar issue.  The "DynDNS" settings all send their IP addresses to members.dyndns.org.  This results in the error "Couldn't resolve host 'members.dyndns.org' "

    It would be nice to have a field to be able to hard code an IP address or alternative host name

  • hmmm … I'm not really familar with bsd and php and so on, so i understand the half from this tread, but i'm impossible to integrate it by myself.

    May be there is a configuration file or something, where the DynDNS providers showed on the WebGUI are listed in, which i can edit? That would be a much mor easier way for me to change the things and would be much more charming ...

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