DNS resolver - Domain Override with MS AD

  • Hello,
    im using my pfsense in a branch office as normal router, dhcp and dns server.
    All clients are not member of my Microsoft Active Directory and use the pfsense as their standard gateway and dns server.
    In my headquarter i have a MS AD with my Domain Controller.
    I want to send the AD-Domain DNS request from the branch office to the headquarter.
    So i use the Domain Override function - but it doesn't work.
    The request never reaches the DC. There is nothing in the logs from the DC.

    Can you please put me in the right direction for finding the solution?
    What additional information do you need?
    Thanks in advance.

  • @lolman88
    i found the solution by myself

    The option: "Outgoing Network Interfaces" must have "ALL" included.
    I only got the WANs there, but this doenst work.

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