• Hi guys,
    I have a few Soekris boxes net4521 installed and they pretty much do the job with m0n0wall.
    But for pfSense I would need more Mhz and RAM.
    I've been looking at net4801 but it's a bit expensive…
    The alternative is WRAP 1E-2 which is a bit cheaper than Soekris net4801 but all these still lack some horse power.
    I've looked at MikroTik's RB532 here http://www.routerboard.com/rb500.html.
    In theory it's a wonderfull SBC with a very fast CPU (2 to 3 times faster than Geode SC1100) until you find out that it is only sold either with 32MB or 64MB with no option to further upgrade RAM…
    Another issue is that it can only boot from it's NAND memory with RouterOS which makes it impossible to run pfSense or m0n0wall.
    Do you know any other small, powerful and low voltage/low power consumption hardware capable of running pfSense from a CF card?

  • Via epia boards ?
    There are a lot of platforms out there.
    Problem is to support all this we need to cross compile a bunch of versions. For now your best bet will be a via epia board if you are looking for some performance while still keeping it small.
    Or you could have a look at the nexcom boxes. www.nexcom.com.tw