Unable to modify dashboard

  • 2.4.5-DEVELOPMENT (amd64)
    built on Thu Oct 25 01:16:47 EDT 2018

    I cannot add a column nor add widgets. Unit beeps when I try.

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    I can't reproduce that here, but I'm on a more recent snapshot (from today).

    If it beeps, there should be a corresponding console message or system log entry. What shows there when you try?

    Maybe the account you are using is part of a group that has the Deny Config Write privilege?

    Check the permissions on the 'all' group. They were ignored in the past, but recently we fixed that.

  • (wrote this while I was tinkering so the end result is I found the issue. )

    Thats what it looks like.. Logged in as Admin I can do everything.

    Just updated to latest snap. This is on bare metal..

    Save config permission denied by the 'User - Config: Deny Config Write' permission for user 'usernamehere@2x.xx.xxx.xxx (Local Database)'.

    I have two users and they are both part of the admin group. admin and my user name.. Still occurs.

    Just made a new user name and same issue.

    Ok.. found it. I had selected every rule without reading them all. Second one down.. User- Config: Deny Config Write

    Seems backwards compared to the rest of the "allow rules" and does not affect the "admin" account as it does the others..

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