SG-5100 Reset Button

  • Just got the SG-5100. The manual doesn't say what the recessed Reset button on the front of the appliance is for. Is it to reset the firewall to the factory configuration?

  • I read some Netgate/pfSense documentation and it said this,

    "On some embedded units, as well as appliances from Netgate, the reset button may be depressed with a paperclip or other small object during the boot sequence. Hold the button in until the lights turn off. The unit will reset the configuration to factory defaults and reboot again with that default configuration."

    This is general information, but I tried it with this device. Haven't found the exact trick to it yet, but will try it out again.

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    Reset button pressed - resetting configuration to factory defaults.

    And this is an instruction:

  • I watched this video. Thanks.

    I will respond in my other post.

  • I should mention this. The behavior of the SG-5100 is a bit different than the unit shown in this video, but that is not surprising. The bottom line is the it is a Reset button on the front of the 5100 for resetting to factory defaults.

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