adding static routes for a network so it can see the internet

  • hi all,

    i swear pfsense was a lot easier than opnsense adding static routes to see other networks on my vlan switch

    im probably going to revert back to pfsense!!! :)

    im trying to add a static network so that network gets internet access

    the static network im trying to add is
    my gateway is
    my vm is
    opnsense ip is
    my windows pc is

    on my opnsense router i can ping my vm and my vm can ping my windows pc so my interlanning network works but i cant get my vm to ping

    i attach pictures and im wondering if anyone of you can help as i feel im doing everything right


  • LAYER 8 Netgate

    You're asking for help on opnsense? Here? Why?

    Nobody here is going to know anything about the problems in that area on opnsense.

  • @derelict i thought that aswell worth a shot

    you made my mind up, going to reload pfsense on my apu machine

    but normally all i do in pfsense is the following

    add a gateway for my vlan switch ie my vlan switch ip on the same subnet
    add a static route and set the gateway as the to the switch ip
    add an alias rule for my new network
    edit the network rules and add source to any so this new network can talk to toher nertworks

  • sorted

    i deleted all the gateways/routes on the web and i added it via ssh

    route add -net

    i also added a manual outbound NAT rule for this new network and added a LAN rule for this network

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