Problem with VLAN on SG-3100

  • I have followed the guidelines here:

    But I can't get the thing to do what I want. Which is of course my fault, not the thing's fault. As always computer errors are normally between themonitor and the keyboard. ;)

    Internal network on OP1, external networks on two of the ports on the built in 4 port switch, shared with neighbours.

    I would like to use the two other ports on that for my own purposes, one for a home automation network, and one for a VPN service with OpenVPN. So I followed the instructions and made my first ever VLAN, which means at the age of 52 I'm no more a VLAN virgin. But as with all cherry popping there are complications. Because the devices on the home atomation VLAN/port 4 that I first created, can't seem to get online. I have added and activated the DHCP server, and I have opened up for everything from the IPv4 with the Automatisering net as the source. DNS is set to all interfaces. I can ping back and forth to the OPT1 Iinternal) network.

    Also I sort of tought it would make more sense if the VLAN had the OPT1 as a parent interface, but that doesn't work at all, I even loose ping from OPT1 to the VLAN. Is that because the parent interface must be the physical interface?

    So any ideas what's going on here?

  • Netgate Administrator

    Sorry your post slipped past us here. Were you able to get this configured correctly?

    If not can you post screenshots of your VLAN and switch config?


  • Yes, thanks. I went back to my backup before the changes, redid it from the start again and this time it worked. ☺

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