CPU at 100% and system unresponsive

  • Ever since I installed RC1, I have had a wierd problem with my system. After about 3 days of uptime, I can hear my CPU fan screaming. Usually when this happens, I cant open the webGUI, I cant SSH in, and my console is unresponsive. One time I actually got into the webGUI and the CPU usage was at 100%. After going to SH, and typing a top, I noticed that sh was using 99% of my cpu.

    When this happens, there is a kernel error on the console. I dont know if it is related, but here it is
    rl0: Watchdog Timeout. I researched this and found that it could be my realtek NIC, so I replaced it with another Kingston. Now the LAN and WAN interfaces are identicle Kingstons. However, this time I get this message at the console, and in the system log.

    Kernel: dc0: TX underrun – increasing TX threshold.

    Again, I dont know if this is related to my system failure as I like to call it.  The only way I can get anything to respond when this happens is to do a hard reboot.

    When this failure to respond happens, the firewall still works flawlessly. All inbound and outbound traffic is fine, traffic shaper does it job, incoming NAT works, even resolving DNS queries.


    P4 1.6GHZ
    512MB RAM
    7200RPM 10gb hd.
    2 Kingston 10/100 NICs Model unkown

    Any help would be appreciated


  • "Kernel: dc0: TX underrun – increasing TX threshold" is only an information and is nothing to worry about. These messages happen usually after you boot up as the driver dynamically increases some values. Do I get you right, that after replacing the NIC you only get this message but the 100% CPU load is gone or is it still the same with the new nic?

  • Sorry, the 100% issue is still there. It happens after about 2 1/2 to 3 days of uptime. I was running beta4 for weeks without this problem. I was tempted to downgrade to Beta4 to see if it goes away, but I wanted to try the forums first.

  • Run cvs_sync.sh releng_1 from a shell prompt and reboot.

  • Done!

    Now, I will let you know in about 3-4 days if everything was fine.


  • So far I am at 5 days+ uptime at 2% CPU. Thanks, that must have done the trick.

    However, that version doesnt seem to have ANY system logging functions.

    Thanks again, pfsense rocks!

  • Run this again.  I fixed this 2 days ago IIRC.

    Run cvs_sync.sh releng_1 from a shell prompt and reboot.

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