Troubleshooting pfSense as a NTP Server (Resolved)

  • Hi, quick NTP-related question. I am using pfSense (at the IP on AWS and am attempting to use it as a NTP server in my environment.

    I seem to have set it up but Ubuntu (at doesn't seem to want to sync with it, showing the following output:

    I have pfSense syncing to the AWS ntp servers as shown here:

    I see the udp ntp port open on the pfSense instance:

    I have scoured the forums here and some suggested waiting a few hours, unchecking the "enable KOD packets" option, etc, but nothing seems to be helping. Any suggestions would be appreciated!

    Okay - update: I have narrowed it down to a connectivity issue as other NTP connections are coming through from other clients, even though TCP packets flow freely.. need to figure out why the NTP packets aren't coming through:

    Update 2: Annd solved.. thank you tcpdump. It was a security group setting on AWS... thanks for anyone who read this and was about to help :)

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