Reboot fails after upgrade with KVM VM - can't find '/boot/entropy'

  • I've upgraded to today's snapshot version. The upgrade runs smooth until the reboot is needed.
    After "Loading configured modules..." it shows "can't find '/boot/entropy'"

    This screenshot shows the console output of the console
    Screenshot from 2019-03-21 12-24-59.png

    Should I create a bug report or could this also be an issue at my side?

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    Does the same thing happen if you boot a 2.5.0 snapshot installer image?

    Can you try a FreeBSD 12.0 installation to see if that is the same?

    It could be something in your hypervisor, but it's too early to say for sure. I don't think any of us internally are testing this on KVM yet, but I may be wrong there. There may be a hypervisor setting you need to adjust to account for the change to FreeBSD 12.

    This FreeBSD thread suggests it's a BIOS option you need to change for Legacy or UEFI booting:

  • I had the same experience as the OP. I was finally upgrading my 2.4.5 dev firewall (celeron J1900) to 2.5.0 dev through the UI. The upgrade appeared to go well until it rebooted and I had the same /bin/entropy error on my screen. I have been trying to get a new image on the machine but has been giving me problems also. I can install by using legacy IDE settings but when I boot after what appears to be a successful install, pfSense complains that the configuration changed and it cannot find the interfaces em0 and em1. I'm stuck at this point, sadly.

    Warning: Configuration references interfaces that do not exist: em0 em1

    Network interface mismatch -- Running interface assignment option.

    Valid interfaces are:

    No interfaces found!

    pfsense cannot continue without at least one Network Interface Card.

    Halting the system.

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  • @jimp Thanks for the fast response! I did see that posting (it's where I got the exact error interface message cut-n-paste). I haven't tried it yet because the esc and `q' key do not work on my crash-cart USB keyboard (making changing BIOS settings a challenge too). I'll see what I can scrape up and watch for the next couple of snaps. I have an older pfSense fw that's filling in for the time being.

    Any thoughts on the entropy issue? Seems to be FreeBSD 12 & UEFI related from what I'm seeing?

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    As far as I can see, it's something specific to the device it's on, likely a BIOS/EFI type issue.

    It doesn't happen on anything I have tested here (All of the various Netgate hardware I have here) so far.

  • @jimp Thanks - I was able to get the correct settings in BIOS to install 2.4.4-p2 and then upgrade to 2.5.0-latest which got me beyond the entropy issue. I am, however, still stuck with interface renaming on Intel NICs issue that you mentioned. I'll wait for that one to close out before upgrading to 2.5.0.

    I certainly appreciate the help!

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    The thread I linked above has instructions on how to fix that. You can put hw.pci.enable_msix=0 into /boot/loader.conf.local before you upgrade, or set it at a loader prompt (set hw.pci.enable_msix=0 then boot) and then place it in /boot/loader.conf.local after it boots successfully.

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