Add Hard Disk? Help needed

  • How do I go about adding a hard disk drive to my PFsense system? I have one hard disk installed allready and it is currently where PFsense is installed and running. I have physically installed the second hard disk however I am unclear as to how to partition and mount the drive so I can use it within PFsense to store squid cache or logs for example. I have searched the forums and they all indicate I need to use sysinstall however that command does not respond from the console and I cant seem to find how to execute it to begin the HDD installl process?

    Can anyone please give me some guidance in doing this?

    Thank you in advance.  ;D :)

  • i glad if any one can help …
    tutorial or link maybe
    1st hardisk for pfsense system and log
    2nd or 3rd hard disk use for squid cache

    i think alot people will need this scenario
    ifen that i have used with 1 hdd, and stable for 2 mont running up

    thank you for helping :)  ::)

  • hi guys

    im not sure about this, as i have not tried it myself with pfsense - but give it a try:

    from pfsense 1.2.3 you can get am iso file (not sure if u can also get it for erlier versions)
    this you can open with winrar and you should find a familiar directory structure

    give a try at /etc/devfs.conf or an other idea would be /etc/rc.bootup and basicly mount tell it to mount the drive there

    after -> save and write your modified image

  • thanks for reply …

    it has give me a view
    but not for sure if i can do that  ;D

  • you use the installer, install the base system
    log on
    go to shell (8 from console)

    use fdisk to partition the other disks (google fdisk)
    create the filesystem (google how to do this, i forgot the EXACT command)

    you're probably better off just putting the entire "var" directory under a single disk…it's going to be easier in the long run
    to do this just make a new directory
    mount your new disk (again, google mount if you need to but it's basicly mount DEVICENAME DIRECTORY NAME so if your device is /dev/ad9s1 and your new directory is /mnt/newvar the command would be mount /dev/ad9s1 /mnt/newvar

    copy everything from var to the new drive using the cp -r command
    use the mv command to mv the old var to /var-old (you do this incase something goes wrong and you can easily restore it)
    use the cp command to cp /etc/fstab to /etc/fstab-backup
    create a NEW /var directory with mkdir
    edit fstab to mount your new /var disk

    that's the method on a system ALREADY installed...i might have left some stuff's been awhile since i've done this in free bsd

    on a new install you can probably use the installer to partition and mount disks...

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