2.5 snapshots have polling enabled in the kernel disabling multithreaded netisr - Solved

  • I have been trying to figure out why I was not seeing more than one netisr thread on my system after upgrading to a 2.5 snapshot.

    Finally noticed that I was seeing this message in the during boot.

    netisr_init: forcing maxthreads to 1 and bindthreads to 0 for device polling

    Took a look at the build options and noticed the polling is enabled in the 12.0 kernel while it looks like it was disabled previously in 11.2.


    options DEVICE_POLLING

    Can someone take a look at this and confirm for me if I am understanding this correctly.

  • it was present inside RELENG_2_3_4, it was removed from RELENG_2_4 and RELENG_2_4_4( "loos-br Remove deprecated option DEVICE_POLLING from pfSense kernel. ") now it's back, as you have noticed, inside RELENG_2.5 conf

  • Administrator

    I've removed it from 2.5.0 kernel config. Thanks!

  • Just upgraded to the latest snapshot, 2.5.0-DEVELOPMENT-amd64-20190520-1137, and can confirm that this now seems to be working properly. Thank you for the quick response!

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