Is it possible to intercept cname resolution in DNS resolver.

  • I have a root of the domain overridden to a local IP, so pinging my.domain would return proxy server's IP, within a public DNS I have a wildcard setup to CNAME redirect *.my.domain to my.domain, but pinging something like will return a public IP of my.domain instead of domain override I've setup earlier.

    C:\Users\Gene>ping my.domain
    Pinging my.domain [] ... ## private IP I've setup via Host Override

    Pinging my.domain [] ... ## public IP, same as if I've not done anything

    Somehow pinging the domain directly vs pinging it via a CNAME redirect provides different results.

    I'm aware that I can setup local-zone: "my.domain" redirect, but prefer not to use this option as some 2nd level sub-domains I would like to leave with default routing such as A possible solution would be to allow me to setup exceptions to the redirect rule: Is there a way to setup to be processed normally despite redirecting a lower level my.domain?

    Thanks for the feedback, been playing around with this and searching for clues, but so far have found nothing.

  • LAYER 8 Global Moderator

    If you want

    hostA.domain.tld to return local
    hostB.domain.tld to return public
    hostC.domain.tld to return local

    Then you would have to create host overrides for each specific fqdn that you want to return local.

    Or you can go the other way and do a redirect, and then just create records that point to your public IP for those fqdn.. Depends on how many you have on what side, etc.