Help with Multi WAN(Failover)

  • Hello. I have 2 isp, but none of them can guarantee stable work. I need my connection to Overwatch game servers to be as stable as possible, but I ran into some problems. I have WAN1 and WAN2, WAN1-listed as Tier1 and through it all the traffic usually goes, monitoring ip- There are situations when the game server is not available via WAN1, but is available, and most of the Internet works correctly, but not and Overwatch. In such cases, I need to switch to WAN2 manually. I selected monitoring ip- Blizzard ip address (I honestly don’t know what the address is and why it is needed, but I can’t directly specify the address of the overwatch server, since it does not respond to ping requests). I took an ip from tracing to the overwatch server. Thus, if node is not available, then the PF considers that WAN1 is turned off. But today I have a problem (I think everything was as I describe, but I'm not sure). My monitoring address ( became unavailable, and PF considered that WAN1 turned off, and transferred the connection to WAN2, I received a disconnect without a reason, and lost ~ 3 minutes.
    Maybe there is a way to check several targets for accessibility at once? Or is it possible to send traffic to the Blizzard network ( through WAN1 recursively? Microtik has this capability when it goes through WAN1, as long as the node is available through WAN1. If you are not too lazy, give a more detailed answer, because I am not very good at routing and PF.