Netflix contributes network code to FreeBSD


    "People who use FreeBSD, particularly those who deal with large amounts of network traffic, will be pleased to know Netflix has contributed improvements to FreeBSD's networking code. Drew Gallatin of Netflix presented some of the work his company has put into FreeBSD which is widely used in Netflix's data centres. "Netflix has long been known to be using FreeBSD in their data centers particularly where network performance is concerned. But in wanting to deliver 200Gb/s throughput from individual servers led them to making NUMA optimizations to the FreeBSD network stack. Allocating NUMA local memory for kernel TLS crypto buffers and for backing files sent via sentfile were among their optimizations. Changes to network connection handling and dealing with incoming connections to Nginx were also made. For those just wanting the end result, Netflix's NUMA optimizations to FreeBSD resulted in their Intel Xeon servers going from 105Gb/s to 191Gb/s while the NUMA fabric utilization dropped from 40% to 13%.""

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