Kernel panic with RDP over IPSEC

  • I came across something really perplexing today and am hoping someone can shed some light on the issue.

    Our pfSense firewall has been running perfectly for several months.  However, this morning it rebooting several times seemingly of its own accord.  I finally figured out the trigger of the reboot - if I start a remote desktop RDP session to a specific machine over an IPSEC tunnel from the wired interface of my laptop, pfSense will immediately kernel panic.  This is easily reproducable.

    Strangely, it only happens when I connect via RDP to one specific machine running Win 2000 server.  Even more weird is that it only fails if I use the wired network interface on my laptop.  If I use wireless it works fine.  This is the case regardless of IP address.  My laptop is a Dell Inspiron running Windows 7 RC (yup I'm a sucker for punishment)

    I have no idea what can be causing this or how to fix it, so if anyone has any ideas I'd love to hear them!!!



    PS Keep up the good work!!

  • I have tried wireless and from remote to mine with rc1 no issues here.  Just make sure you have all the patches loaded.

    I am running 1.2.3.


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