Problem with MS RDP (vmware,win srv 2003)

  • Hello,

    I've got a problem with pfsense on a vmware server.
    I've got 2 machines running a pfsense machine and a windows server 2003 machine.

    In pfsense i'll made a port forwarding MS RDP 3389 to the windows server 2003 machine.
    From some computers i'll can reach that machine but from the most i can't.

    I'll think it's a pfsense problem because when i'll set my ip strong in windows server 2003 and shut the pfsense off.
    I am able to reach it from everywhere.

  • Did you disable nat reflection in the advanced settings?

  • I use XenServer not VM-Ware but ran into a similiar situation.  What was happening was the NAT to firewall rul was not being built correctly.  Shortly after that a new release hit and I have never had any other trouble.

    Check your rules to make sure that they are being built correctly

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