Status - Monitoring Traffic Graph pfctl counts on wrong outbound Interface with multi WAN setup on 2.4.4-RELEASE-p3

  • i have 3 WAN interfaces on separate VLANS

    WAN vtnet1.11
    OPT1 vtnet1.12
    OPT2 vtnet1.13

    they are all in a gatewaygroup with different tiers highest priority on OPT2 then WAN then OPT1.

    the dashboard graphs show correct statistics on all interfaces

    Status monitoring Quality also looks correct.

    the problem shows up under status monitoring traffic.
    i have a vpn portforward/passthrough on opt1, incomming traffic is shown correct but outgoing traffic is counted on WAN. I am 100% positive on this as the WAN has half the bandwidth of OPT1 and it still reports full speed of OPT1 outgoing traffic on WAN. Whereas Dashboard Graph shows correct traffic only on OPT1.

    this has to be an error in pfctl as /var/db/rrd/ looks fine and
    /sbin/pfctl -vvsI -i vtnet1.12
    /sbin/pfctl -vvsI -i vtnet1.11
    in and out bytes show exactly what i am seeing in the monitor traffic graph

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