DHCP from gateway

  • How would I set up my pfsense box to assign IP addresses from my gateway instead of the DHCP from the pfsense box.

    I am unable to bridge my modem for work related issues.
    my end goal is to do traffic shaping to reduce buffer bloat

    I would normal just bridge my gateway and let pfsense deal with very thing but not able too under my situation

  • @Bulldogg

    You could do that with a dhcp relay, but why do you think you need that? Unless you have a block of public addresses, the gateway would just hand out RFC 1918 private addresses and pfSense can hand out those addresses too.

  • The reason I want to set it up this way is I have wifi pods that connect to my modem. and on the lan side I have some computers that I need to do traffic shaping on. but want them to both be on the same subnet.

  • @Bulldogg

    Then you don't want to use the Wifi on the modem. You cannot have the same subnet on both sides of pfSense, unless you configure it to be a pass through firewall.

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