Setup question..

  • Hey all… looks like some real knowledgeable people here with lots of experience doing what i am looking at..

    Here's the setup..

    1. Office on east coast with LARGE pipe using a avaya phone system and file and print shares

    2. Small office of 10 sales people on the west coast. they have 2 10 by 2 business class cable modems, they also have a avaya phone system and file and print shares.

    the need..

    the 2 avaya ip/500's will be VOIPing over the VPN and some file and print usuage, BUT NOT real members of our domain.

    the question..

    I was first going to look into doing a load-balance setup and give them 20 x 4 with the VPN  on one leg of the connection.. What i am wondering now is if i can have the 2 independent WAN connections and have just the VPN / VOIP / file sharing go over the one WAN and all the OTHER traffic go over the second wan link... Please rely with comments, thanks!

  • Did i ask this question wrong? Any one have any thoughts?

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