unbound fatal error

  • I've been running into intermittent internet drop outs since upgrading to 2.4.5. Looking through the logs, it looks like it is unbound failing. I see this line in my logs when it drops out:

    fatal error: Could not read config file: /unbound.conf. Maybe try unbound -dd, it stays on the commandline to see more errors, or unbound-checkconf

    Is this related to all the other unbound problems I'm seeing here? I have a custom setting for the Plex rebinding issue. And while I have pfBlockerNG installed, DNSBL is disabled. DHCP leases were getting registered in unbound, but I just disabled that based on the other posts I'm seeing around here.

  • Hi,

    What happens when you to what it suggested ?
    Stop unbound in the GUI (if needed).

    Console -> Oprtion 8, and :

    cd /var/unbound


    ls -al

    To see what's in the unbound working directory. There must be a "unbound.conf" file, about 21xx bytes size.

    And finally

    unbound -dd -c /var/unbound/unbound.conf

    to start unbound manually. It will log important messages.
    Ctrl-C to stop it.

  • Thanks!

    To be clear, manually restarting unbound in the pfSense webGUI seems to resolve the problem when this occurs. I looked at the contents of unbound.conf. It seems to be fine.

    Outside the workday I'll try stopping and manually starting unbound with the command above. However, I fully expect it will start up fine with no obvious errors, since that's what usually happens.

    This problem only pops up every week or so. Given that I've had DHCP registration turned on, that means unbound restarts several times per day, almost always successfully. I don't know what's going on in these rare cases where it doesn't.

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