dhcpd.conf not saving

  • Hello,
    I have make a big mistake with my pfsense today, specially with dhcp reservation.
    With this mistake, I'm only able to connect to my pfsense with shell.
    To fixe this problem I would like to change the dhcp.conf on /var/dhcpd/etc folder.
    But when i try to save this file then restart the service (pfSsh.php playback svc restart dhcpd), my changes are "erased".
    Someone is able to explain me how to apply my changes on this files plz ?
    Thanks in advance

  • LAYER 8

    you can't, most of the configurations are built/generated from the config.xml file, if you have done something wrong you can recover it if you use option 15 from console

  • Ok thanks, I have try to modify the config.xml too, but there is only the dhcp reservation, not the network mask on this file.
    I have to use option 15. I hope I've got this option ^^
    I will try. Thanks

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