SSH Port Forwarding doesn't work :(

  • I cannot connet to the debian server through ssh through external network
    What it means CLOSED:SYN_SENT?
    I am 100% sure ssh on debian is working correctly, because when i want connect from local debian network its working
    All ip's are ok, rule is ok, in packet capture pfsense got packages from my pc, when i test port from pfsense to debian it also working
    Please help :(

  • LAYER 8 Global Moderator

    You have asymmetrical routing problem most likely.. Does this ssh server point back to pfsense as its gateway to get back to this 192.168.14 network?

    Clearly pfsense sent the traffic on, or there wouldn't be a state.. So the issue is not pfsense.

    Or you have firewall on the ssh server that doesn't answer from this non local network. Again not a pfsense issue.

  • Thanks, I check everything again and you are right, this is debian fault, not pfsense

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