Cannot get IPV6 to work on multiple vlans (DHCP6 on WAN with PD)

  • Hi,

    I have a netgate SG5100 device and that is connected to a fiber 500Mbit / 500 Mbit connection from dutch provider KPN.
    I have the FTTH connected to pfsense , so there is no Experiabox between the connection.

    I can use ipv6 without issues on my LAN. I have setup the WAN using this config sample

    When using those settings I can get ipv6 on WAN and on my LAN. So far so good.

    But I have multiple VLANs in use (GIOT, GUESTS, INFRA) that I also what to use with ipv6.
    Setting up DHCP and RA is not the problem (I think) but on the WAN interface I choose LAN for prefix delegation (the other VLANS are also visible there) and then the LAN works fine with ipv6.

    Choosing Guests there as interface let it work in the Guests vlan. But i want all the VLANS to have working ipv6.

    I have used the IPv6 Prefix ID 0 and 1 till 4 but it just does nor work on multiple interfaces (except the one chosen in the WAN under prefix interface.

    What must I do to make this work on all the VLAN's and not on only one?
    I cannot get it to work no matter what I try.

    Maybe someone else has the magic answer and is willing to share it with us.

    The prefix delagation size is /48 (that is what my ISP give me)

  • I am not familiar with your ISP so can't be specific, but a few things to double check- You did set the prefix delegation under WAN/DHCP 6 CLIENT CONFIG, and try with prefix hint set ON and OFF?

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