Client not getting proper DHCP config lease.

  • Hello everybody. I've got a bit of problem here. There's this weird issue with either the clients or DHCP server is that the proper config dont get served.
    However 2 out of 4 clients gets a 192.168.0.x IP. Network settings is set to automatic dhcp. DHCP lease is also not full... Any ideas with this???

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    probably another dhcp server running somewhere else,
    investigate others devices, router/modem, check with packet capture who is offering that network

  • There isn't though.

    bridge WAN > pfSense > Switch > AP / Client

    router on WAN is on bridge mode with dhcp turned off. That's the only device I could think of that offers DHCP.. There is a Windows Server, but there is also no DHCP services installed there.. Tried looking for where that 192.168.0.x network is but couldn't find it.

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    Diagnostics / Packet Capture
    interface LAN
    port 67 protocol UDP
    you should see who is offering that network


  • @kiokoman

    Well, since you have a captured packet, you can find out the MAC address of the source. You may want to download the capture and read it with Wireshark.

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    i'm not the one in trouble here,
    it was an example for @justice41
    or am i misunderstanding something?

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