No Connection to Failover Gateway

  • Hey guys, first time poster here, and relatively new to PFSense.

    I have a Netgate SG-3100 on v2.4.5
    WAN failover is configured with Verizon FiOS on main, using WAN1, and Comcast as my failover on OPT1

    I have static WAN IP addresses which haven't changed, and my gateway settings seem to all be properly configured. Failover was working a little while ago, but after a reboot of the SG-3100 all of a sudden it won't connect over the Comcast link.
    All of my settings appear to still be in place. Comcast is up and running and I can connect to the internet if I plug directly into the Comcast router, but it won't work alongside the Netgate anymore.

    The only thing I can see that appears to be off is the duplex setting - Comcast router says it's set to 1000M full-duplex but Netgate has it set to 2500M for some reason. I cannot change duplex settings on either interface because Comcast routers are garbage and the PFSense's OPT1 port is missing the option for some reason, although it does appear on WAN1.
    However, I can't recall but it must have been set like this before the reboot anyway, and therefore should have been working with this setting. I tried restoring my configuration to a known working backup file but it's still behaving the same way.

    Thoughts, anyone? And thank you!

  • Do you mean this option in OPT1 is not available?
    internet speed.PNG

  • @pfrickroll Yes, precisely.

  • Suggestions, anyone?

  • @AertightMicah I would back up everything and start from scratch and then restore 1st interfaces, then firewall rules, then IPsec and etc and at each phase will look if that option of speed and duplex is there.

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