After setting Load Balancing for OPT1 wireless, DHCP Failed to give IP (SOLVED!)

  • Okay, after setting my OPT1 (PCI Wireless) routing table for Loading Balancing 2 WAN I though I have everything good. This morning I found my OPT1 DHCP failed to assigned any IP to wireless client.

    I have to assigned a static IP to get the client working correctly.

    My OPT1 is bridge to LAN so OPT1 is sharing the same DCHP as LAN.

    Below is my routing rule for LAN which I have Copy exactly over to OPT1 (PCI Wireless). Everything seem to work fine except DCHP on OPT1 is not working and will not assigned IP to wireless client.

    Can someone help. Thanks

  • Okay I fix my own problem now. The root cause was my Wireless routing need an explicit rule to allow DHCP traffic. Else no wireless client can get an IP. I have modify my rule as below to allow DCHP traffic on OPT1.

    DUe note, my wireless (OPT1) rules as you can see is more open then my LAN routing rule, as this should be good enough since wireless already have wireless security protection.

  • And here is my LAN rule. As you can see it more restrictive in term of "Source" but look very similiar to my OPT1 routing.

    One thing of note is you do not need to explicit allow DCHP traffic at all. Not sure why OPT1 which is bridge to LAN does not do it automatiically.

  • just my experienced, try move the loadbalance rule to 2nd one…. it will be the loadbalance rule run first then the fail-over follow.

  • Actually the reason the other rules, HTTPS, POP3, and SSH are first as they are the protocols that don't support load balancing. Load Balancing rule is a catch all rule with buit in failover in itself.

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