SquidGuard package webGUI project

  • I create squidGuard package webGUI project, but i need help with codering.
    To september i have rest and can't worked with this project

    What builded:

    • gui.XML files
    • 'inc' squidGuard core
    • 'inc' squidGuard class

    – checking validation input date in GUI
    -- creation test config squidGuard file with diagnostic

    can't create
    -- uploading black list file to pfSense system from user host or url

    and not created any blocks

    if who help to make this project - pls look this archive
    (rename *.exe.txt to *.exe and execute in win autounpack archive)

    To testing this gui not need installation squidGuard - drive part of code not created.
    Unpack and place this archive to '/usr/local/pkg'

    Execute gui from you pfSense:

    ps: this first my php project (created with use php_book :) ) Need insert javaScript code to enable - disable controls but i not know java :(

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