Multi WAN, Multi LAN FTP Issue

  • Here is the scenario
    vlan 1                                                                WAN 1
    Vlan 2    ->  L3 switch ->  2xPFSense (failover) ->
    vlan 3                                                                WAN 2

    I had issues with getting outbound FTP so i tried the ftp troubleshooting here:

    Outbound began working fine like the doc said it would, but i didnt realize it had broken inbound.

    This morning i get the call (well before i usually wake up for work) that John Doe cant upload the new changes for the website from the Marketing firm we use.

    So i try to connect, nothing, i go reverse what the doc told me to do the day before, now neither in or out bound ftp works.  I ended up having to restore the configuration.

    Can anyone tell me how the heck to fix this?  And no, killing ftp is not an option at this point in time.

  • Any one have an idea to suggest?  Im under the wire on this one and i could really use the help.

  • Well you dont say what you actually did.
    The troubleshooting page offers quite a number of steps you can take, so no one knows what you actually did.

    Also how is your network setup?
    What type of ftp server? how do you access the server? port forwards? FTP helper? any VIPs involved? What kinds of WANs? public IP's? AoN enabled? etc.
    Basically a lot of information is missing to help you :)

  • Try latest 1.2.3 snaps or got to 2.0 which handles this.

  • I will try the 1.2.3 snapshots, if they dont fix the problem then that will be great.  If not, then i will post the specifics of what exactly i did from the help wiki.

  • 1.2.3 rc1 fixed the issue all together, thank you everyone for your help.  I am looking forward to 2.0 :-)

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