Having trouble setting up zone transfers with bind (axfr)

  • I've been trying to use the dns-server package to use as a primary server for an internal domain.  That part works fine, but I can't get zone transfers (axfr) to work so I can slave the zones on external bind DNS servers.

    So far I have tried turning off the DNS forwarder and binding the DNS server address to the LAN interface.  When I test it using this command:

    dig @pfsensebox test.bogus AXFR

    fails with:

    ;; communications error to end of file

    but this works:

    dig @fssensebox test.bogus SOA

    I get the exact same results if I try to bind the DNS server to and port forward TCP 53 from the LAN to the loopback.

    I've search the forums, but I have not run across anything on how to get this working.  Any help would be appreciated.

  • I didn't read all of your post, but it seems you want to do something tinydns doesn't support:
    Welcome to pfsense. :-)

  • I figured out how to fix pfSense and I posted in your thread:


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