• Does ntop normally just keep balooning it's memory usage until it runs out it and gets killed?

    My firewall has 128MB RAM, with ntop off and under a normal load, it seems to have about 70MB free memory according to top.  As soon as I turn on ntop, it's instantly down to 28MB free, and just seems to go down from there as it captures info.

    I never really had any issues with ntop 3.1 and 128MB RAM, I have no problem throwing in another stick of RAM that's just lying around anyway, but is it normal for the application to just get larger and larger?

    Looking at top, when I open up the ntop html, 3 more ntop processes show up each at like 50MB each, but quickly get killed due to lack of swap.  The first few graphs on the main page don't load, althogh if I right click and 'show picture' in IE they load.

  • NTOP is not a nice application to run without SWAP.

  • So my options are either up the RAM, or kill my cf card with a swap file?

    I just tossed in another 64MB chip in (192MB total), no more killed processes when I visit the ntop GUI, yay.

  • Good deal.  But if you have more RAM laying around, I would bump it up as much as possible.

    512 megs of ram would be a great number with NTOP.

  • The mobo only has two slots, and most of the RAM I have lying around is low density (64MB)

  • Definitely not enough memory.